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Students in grades K-3 who show POTENTIAL for high achievement are placed in a Primary Talent Pool.   The Primay Talent Pool (PTP) is a group of primary students that have been informally selected as having characteristics and behaviors of a high potential learner.  A variety of informal and formal measures are used to determine whether students are placed in PTP and then to determine what services are to be provided during their time in the primary program.


In accordance with state regulations, Raceland-Worthington Independent Schools define gifted and talented students as a category of exceptional children. Gifted and talented students in grades K-12 are those identified as possessing demonstrated or potential ability to perform at an exceptionally high level in one or more of the following areas:


General Intellectual (GI) Aptitude - refers to extraordinary performance in abstract reasoning, logical reasoning, social awareness, memory, nonverbal ability, and the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of information. GI students have a consistently outstanding mental capacity when compared to children of the same age. GI children are identified using an IQ score of 9th stanine and at least 2 other types of evidence.

Specific Academic Aptitude - refers to students who perform at exceptionally high levels in language arts, math, science, and/or social studies. An exceptionally high level means significantly beyond the age, experience, or environment of agemates. SA children are identified using achievement test scores in the 9th stanine and at least 2 other types of evidence.

Creativity - refers to students who use creative and divergent approaches to solve conventional tasks. The students possess innovative and creative reasoning skills and advanced insight and imagination. They solve problems in unique ways. Creativity is identified using creative writing samples, observations of creative problem-solving, and/or the production of exceptionally creative products.

Leadership - refers to students who possess high levels of social skills and interpersonal qualities such as poise, effective oral and written expressions, managerial ability, and the ability to vision or set goals and organize others to successfully reach those goals. Leadership ability is identified using demonstrated leadership roles, observations of leadership, review of products and/or portfolios, and entrepreneurial activities.

Visual and Performing Arts - refers to students who have exceptional ability in visual arts, dance, music, or drama. These students are identified based on performances, portfolios, and/or audition.


For more specific information, please contact Kristen Waller, District Gifted & Talented Coordinator and Teacher.

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