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Larry Coldiron


Larry Coldiron


Superintendent – Larry Coldiron (July, 2012 – Present)

“Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow”

Welcome to the Raceland-Worthington Independent School District web page.  We have developed this site as a source of useful information for our district’s stakeholders, friends, and alumni.    Raceland-Worthington Independent School system has a tradition of excellence in education and a history of graduating excellent students.   This is a tradition that we are continually striving to reach as we move forward in the 21st century.

As your superintendent, my plan of action will focus on relationships, high expectations, teamwork, as well as the involvement of parents, students, and the community in our efforts to move our students into 21st century learners.  We will work together for the students in our school district, and you can be assured that:

I will be passionate about our efforts;
I will be an advocate for the success of all students; and
I will promote positive action as we consider not only the tradition of
Raceland-Worthington Independent Schools, but its future.

High expectations, academic excellence, and strong community support are distinctive trademarks of our district.  Our community’s strong sense of ownership and pride in our schools is reinforced regularly by the leadership roles our graduates assume across the city, state, nation, and world.  Our site-based decision making councils, faculty/staff, and local board pledge their best efforts to continuously improve the quality of our programs and classroom experiences.

In Raceland-Worthington Independent education is a joint effort among the family, the school and the community.  We encourage you to visit the schools, meet the faculty and staff, and tour the facilities.  Remember, “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow” makes Raceland-Worthington Independent Schools truly one of the most progressive districts in the state.